Call Family Distillers

Born to shine. Called to make the best.

REV. DANIEL H. CALL & Jasper newton daniel

Reverend Dan Call and family in front of the Call homestead in Lynchburg, TN - late 1800's 


Call Family Distillers represents a deep rooted heritage of whiskey making, beginning in the 1800's in Lynchburg, TN.  Reverend Daniel Call was a Lutheran minister that lived in Lynchburg,.  At a young age, Jack Daniels began working at the general store owned by Rev. Call.  Behind the store, Call operated a whiskey still.  During the 1860's as the Civil War swept through America, Reverend Dan Call taught Jack Daniels the art of distilling whiskey.  They partnered up together and formed a distillery named Daniel & Call Distillery No. 7, District #4. They later changed to No 16, District #5. As the temperance movement began to sweep throughout America, the Reverend was called to make a serious decision: choose his church congregation or the whiskey business.  He chose to stay with the ministry and sold off his stake in the distillery to Jack Daniels.